Frenzy Farming

Frenzy Farming

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Frenzy Farming


An immersive farming game, Frenzy Farming is here! In the Frenzy Farming game, you must first plant your farm and feed your chickens. The chickens will provide you with eggs. You can check the determined missions from the reserved area on the game screen. To plant more grass, you have to extract water from the well in exchange for Coins. You can get eggs with the chickens you produce, and you can produce eggs and bread. They will accompany you in the later levels in the cows. Cows produce milk, and you can combine the produced milk with bread to produce a cake. When you need money, you can sell your products in the market by clicking on the car icon and earn money. Fun and immersive farming simulator Frenzy Farming is completely free!

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Frenzy Farming available for free on our website Unblocked Games 66 EZ